Русская Википедия

Русская Википедия (Russian Wikipedia) – Inspired by Wikipedia, the great infallible treasure trove of human knowledge, this page will serve as a dictionary and/or encyclopedia for the phenomena that most ardently piques my interest. The page is currently under construction. The words below are a sneak preview to the inaugural list which will be published shortly (or whenever I find time to write clever definitions for them).

  •  Бабушка (old lady) –
  •  Борщ (borsch) –
  • Водка (vodka) –
  • Гамбургер (hamburger) –  
  • Девушка (girl) 
  • Ж/Д Вокзал (train station) –
  • Kорпус Мира (Peace Corps) –  
  • Маршутка (marshukta) –
  • Стиралка (washing machine) –
  • Чай (tea) – 

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