My name is Eldin Hasic and I am the narrator and protagonist of this blog. Amidst the porn, gambling, and identity theft that populate the arcane network of Internet tubes, my blog exists to record the next year of life. For you see, my dear reader, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Fulbright Program as an ETA in Ukraine. For the next ten months, I will serve as an English Teaching Assistant at Tavrida National University and the Ivan Franko Library in Simferopol, the administrative center of the Crimean peninsula. In this blog, I intend to record the experiences and adventures of my Fulbright year in scenic, historic Krim.

Writing about oneself can be a rather difficult proposition. Writers spend a lifetime of killing trees before recording personal memoirs. The tendency to exaggerate or to omit is real, but I will do my best to avoid these pitfalls of human nature. I was born as Eldin Hašić in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the war, my family re-settled in the United States. I spent my formative years in Fort Wayne, Indiana and attended IPFW where I graduated with a B.A. In Political Science and Economics. I could tell tales about the boy that became the man that I am today, but I will avoid that now for the sake of brevity.

Instead, my dear reader, I will tell you a bit about what to expect from this literary endeavour:

  • I will make exhaustive pop culture references. I am more likely to quote films or trashy pop music than “profound” adages from literature or philosophy.
  • I am more likely to discuss gastronomy than history, travels than politics, microbreweries than microeconomics, and drinks than important things (in general). There will be no graphs or charts. If you want to learn something useful, follow my suit and spend some time on wikipedia.
  • Discussion of current events, aside from my personal experiences, may be limited to football (soccer).
  • I will show respect for the English language, while leaving room for some pun fun. GRE prep added some heavy artillery in my vocabulary repertoire. Yet, I hope there will be no need to describe anything in the next year as lugubrious, lachrymose, crestfallen, or morbid.
  • I may inadvertently use quirky British spelling on occasion. I installed OpenOffice after my computer was wiped clean after its recent infection with the so-called “Black Screen of Death.” The spell-check feature in OpenOffice favours colourful British spelling.

The opinions expressed in this blog do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State, or IIE. The content of this blog is entirely the recollection of my experience or the figment of my imagination.


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